Anderson Silva Tells Closeted Fighters to Come Out, Ees Normal

Anderson Silva is truly a treasure to the world of Mixed Martial Arts. Some fans still see him as disrespectful, celebrated his losses to Chris Weidman and just don’t seem to get the appeal of Anderson Silva. My best guess is that they won’t get the appeal of this interview that Anderson Silva did with Vice where he talks about homosexuality and how “ees normal.”

According to Anderson Silva, there are a lot of gay fighters in the world who are living in the closet and Anderson Silva thinks that it’s silly for them not to express their true opinions and just come out already. He also thinks that there isn’t much prejudice in MMA against gay fighters and that, you know, ees normal. Sadly, the MMA world seems forever divided on the idea of transgender fighters, but that is another story for another day, isn’t it?

Anderson goes on to explain that he uses soap lotion after he’s done training in the gym, which, among other things, has led to people believing that he’s gay, to which his response is hilarious. “Look, not to my knowledge. But I’m still young, it could be that in the future I’ll find out that I’m gay.”

Props to Anderson Silva and I dunno what we are going to do when he finally rides off into the sunset. It’s good to have him back.

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