Anderson Silva says Weidman trilogy fight, epic Diaz striking battle is in our future

Anderson Silva believes in destiny. Not only does the former UFC middleweight champ trust in the power of predetermined events, Silva also believes Bungie’s latest massive first person shooter, Destiny, has multiplayer level design that’s on point. The universe has already decided that Silva will fight Nick Diaz at UFC 183 and later in 2015, a trilogy bout with champion Chris Weidman is now back in play.
In an interview with his manager Jorge Guimaraes on Passando a Guarda, Silva gave fans a peek into how he plans to play out the remainder of his seven fight deal with the UFC.
“I will fight the fights I have left in my contract and, if I earn a chance to fight for the title one day, against (Weidman) or not – not being a friend or a training partner –, I will be happy,” he said.
Weidman is on Silva’s radar. If life was a Kung Fu movie Silva would montage his way back to a redemption versus the unbeaten Weidman before his career ends.
Four months ago Silva was fine with never challenging Weidman again and took a more wait-and-see approach on what he would do during his remaining days with the UFC. After holding the title of ‘best 185 pound human being walking planet Earth” for several years, would Silva really want to climb back up the middleweight contender ladder at this point of his career?
The Spider answered that question with a Stockton slap when he opted into a superfight with Diaz as his first fight back from injury. When it was announced Silva-Diaz had MMA fans shadowboxing by themselves in pure anticipation. The Matrix striking of Silva versus the fight your own brother with ninja sais style of Diaz. How could the hype get any bigger? Silva causally tells you how.
“It’s going to be a show for the fans, it will make history as the best striking match of all-time. If Nick does a clean fight, if he fights standing without stalling, we’ll do a spectacular fight,” Nick has a great boxing and it’s going to be a fantastic fight. Every UFC fan will like it.”
Oh cool, hype for only the best striking match of all-time. Silva knows his fight with Diaz will be epic. All the UFC fans will have an out of body experience in the Las Vegas streets after UFC 183. It has been written, or um quoted, Silva and Diaz will put a striking display beyond compare and then The Spider will have his revenge. Destiny the game and the noun are powerful things. 
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