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Anderson Silva’s strength and conditioning coach: thick, solid, tight, and a big fan of supplements

Anderson Silva’s strength and conditioning coach: thick, solid, tight, and a big fan of supplements

Rogerio Camoes, head strength and conditioning coach at Black House, is a physical marvel at 57 years old.  His vascularity and body mass are twin wonders, there is no question.  And it turns out he’s worked with Anderson Silva, a man who is no doubt aging himself.  Yes, Camoes seems like the perfect role model for a man who wishes to maintain a certain level of physical discipline as the sands of time roll softly across his shrinking pectorals.

In April 2013, Rogerio spoke to JitsMagazine about the importance of supplements. “Sometimes we cannot fulfill the necessities of our body though regular diet only,” he warned.  “That’s why people take supplements.”  Camoes made a good point.  After all, the Gracie diet, with its focus on fruits and vegetables, is probably a bit naïve.  But even more importantly, he addressed the longstanding confusion people were having between supplements and steroids.

“They are two different things,” he explained, he rippling body concealed beneath a stylish black shirt.  “Although it is true that some supplements are like steroids and people have to be careful what the kind of supplements they use.  Many times they can be a testosterone derivative and the athlete will be considered as someone who is roiding.”

That would be a shame, of course, because steroids are illegal.  But Jiu-Jitsu is a sport that has historically refused to tolerate the use of performance enhancers.  Its benevolent protectors are so intolerant, in fact, that super organization Metamoris has sort of refused to acknowledge they exist, at least in the blood streams of their competitors.  As Ralek Gracie explained, the organization does not test for PEDs because it still has a lot of “research and work to do,” research and work that is apparently still ongoing. Yes, Chael Sonnen even competed there, snuggling up against a hulking Andre Galvao.  Chael is quite the charmer.  Good with words, and hard not to like.

Sorry, lost my train of thought just then.

Anyway, Rogerio is looking good.  Bravo, sir.

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