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Anderson Silva insists his abnormal behavior leading up to UFC 162 is just ‘normal’

Anderson Silva insists his abnormal behavior leading up to UFC 162 is just ‘normal’

Props to Anderson Silva on being such a progressive liberal. The guy sincerely believes kissing another man in front of a stage of thousands across the world is normal. We think Anderson was inspired by the recent ruling in California that allowed all same-sex couples to get married and to be treated like actual human beings. This Anderson Silva and his compassion for humanity, got to love him.

Everything Silva has been doing leading up to UFC 162 has been absolutely on par with the antics we’ve seen Anderson pull off in the past. Remember this time last year at the UFC 148 weigh-ins when Silva gave Sonnen the stealthiest shoulder strike in modern history? Yeah, there was nothing strange about that. See, what people fail to realize is that Anderson Silva resides in this plane of existence that has been accessed by only a select few people that have existed on this planet. What’s normal for him is completely bizarre and unreasonable for us mortals. In a sense, Silva is right. Him pulling off matrix-type moves is completely acceptable — if you’re aware you’re living in the Matrix.

Check out this Fuel TV video of Silva insisting that people shouldn’t be worried, everything is going as planned.

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