Anderson Silva Hospitalized with Lower Back Pain, But, You Know, Ees Normal

When you are Anderson Silva you realistically have absolutely nothing to prove to anyone. You ran roughshod over an entire division for years to the extent to where people have been wondering if the division is really crappy or if you were just so good that nobody else could touch you. That’s the kind of crazy legacy that Anderson Silva leaves behind, including an epic title run where he made all of his opponents look like hapless buffoons, completely ignoring how good each guy really was.

His losses to Chris Weidman were both frustrating in different ways, but it is kind of clear that Anderson Silva is a guy who is getting up there in age and losing was going to happen to him sooner or later if he kept competing. You know, ees normal.

Anyway, Anderson Silva is preparing for his triumphant return to the Octagon in Janaury against the 209’s favorite son, Nick Diaz. The only thing is, while he was preparing for the fight this week he found himself unable to pick himself up off the mat because of lower back pain, which got to the point where he couldn’t feel his legs anymore.

Ees normal.

Silva was rushed to the hospital and diagnosed with a contracture, then released this morning and given a clean bill of health which really makes zero sense whatsoever, but you know, it’s Brazil and it’s Anderson Silva, so, ees normal. [source]

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