Anderson Silva, He No Fight The Rock, Ees Normal

It’s difficult not to love Anderson Silva and see that him transitioning to a life outside of being the UFC Middleweight Champion could make for an entertaining time for all of us. He’s more open with the press, he’s more laid back, he’s not trying to project this image of being this unstoppable force anymore. He’s just Anderson and he’s all about being Anderson and ees normal.

I can only imagine what Anderson will be like in the future, if he’ll be in movies as the laid back bro who kicks everyone’s ass, if he does color commentating on fights or if he’s just like Chuck Liddell, hanging out at ringside and chilling with fans. I mean, sure, he has a billion fight UFC contract still, but we all know that isn’t going to happen and that it was in part a way to keep Anderson committed to the UFC after he is done fighting, which could be relatively soon considering his age.

Everyone likes to rag on TMZ for being, well, TMZ, but this interview with Anderson Silva shows how important it is for press outside of the MMA bubble to get a crack at asking MMA stars questions. People in the MMA bubble would see an opportunity to talk to Anderson Silva as a chance to ask about a potential rematch with Chris Weidman, about changing weight classes, about retirement. TMZ, though? They ask him if he’d rather take Beyonce or Rhianna out and, who will win between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather and, most importantly, if he’d fight Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

So, he wouldn’t fight The Rock, but it’d be cool if they were in a buddy cop film together, right?

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