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Anderson Silva explains the technical error that cost him his title against Chris Weidman at UFC 162

Anderson Silva explains the technical error that cost him his title against Chris Weidman at UFC 162

We’re twenty days removed from UFC 162 and I still find it incredibly unbelievable that Anderson Silva was actually knocked out by a relatively unknown fighter in Chris Weidman. Sure we know his name now, but you would be hard-pressed to find an MMA fan that could rattle off anything about Chris Weidman prior to his Mark Munoz fight. Silva losing to Weidman shattered an established paradigm in the sport, and upon retrospect it could have actually helped mixed martial arts in some sadistic way.

The fact still remains that Anderson Silva is no longer the UFC middleweight champion, and that statement just felt strange when I typed it.

Last night on Brazil’s Agora é Tarde, Anderson Silva made an appearance on the show to finally open up about his loss at UFC 162. Check out the brief transcription via ESPN — it’s pretty depressing to say the least.

Getting knocked out is the worst. There are always going to be questions — people want to know what happened, but [when you’re knocked out] you don’t remember anything. You black out and that’s it.

It [the awkward movement] was a technical error to keep my legs parallel; I should have taken a step back instead.

Several factors led to the knockout. The tension in the air before the fight, you just want to burst … it was a series of mistakes.

In my career, I’ve always went back to my corner [for advice]. Against Weidman, I went back to argue, and I should have gone back to my corner and calmed down. I didn’t do any of that; I lost control.

On another note, I can’t stop listening to Black Sabbath’s 13 album. It’s fantastic.

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