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Anderson Silva denies using steroids, blames some dude who tests blood for a living

Anderson Silva denies using steroids, blames some dude who tests blood for a living

Anderson Silva is blaming a testing facility for causing him to test positive for two banned substances before UFC 183.  According to his doctor, “a contamination or mistake from the lab” is the only possible explanation for the presence of drostanolone and androstane in his sample. 

If Silva is correct, someone at the lab used equipment that had been contaminated with two separate performance enhancers.  To be clear, those drugs were somehow actually present in the lab, and sat there for a while until they eventually contaminated his sample.  Like, perhaps the equipment didn’t get washed down after some competitive cyclist juiced it to the bejesus belt, and some Doritos-fingered intern breached protocol, clumsily ruining the reputation of the greatest mixed martial arts fighter of all time.  Or something along those lines.

Meanwhile, Silva has maintained “an impeccable career history and . . . wouldn’t want to tarnish [his] image,” according to Silva’s doctor, who was relaying what Silva said about himself.  Of course, Silva has been recovering from a brutal fracture, after the lower half of his leg boomeranged around the shin of Chris Weidman at UFC 168.  Yes, just a little over a year ago, his leg was broken clean through, held together by skin and muscle, and his improbable recovery inspired millions.  “Will he ever fight again?” asked Joe Rogan.  Or course not, Joe!  It would take a God’s-honest medical miracle!

But that’s not important right now.  What is important is that a highly-regulated testing facility, which makes a living by maintaining a sterling reputation for reliability, spilled some steroids all over Anderson’s squeaky clean blood, and that is frankly unacceptable.

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