Anderson Silva crawls from a pile of tube TVs in possibly the greatest MMA commercial ever

I had guests over the night Anderson Silva shattered his shin upon Chris Weidman’s expertly-placed Knee Destruction™, and it wasn’t pretty. It wasn’t as bad as when I punched a picture frame after the Bears lost in the Super Bowl (I haven’t had a sports outburst since and never will), but it was… Probably very uncomfortable for the fringe fans gathered around my television that evening. My flat-screen, television. A form of TV that doesn’t seem to exist in Brazil.

You see, Anderson Silva was figuratively buried under a thousand tube TVs after that fight. Buried under a thousand tube TVs that only seem to exist in Brazil, unfortunately. But Anderson can and will lift himself up from under those monstrously heavy television sets, to find his way out of a pit that only Bane could climb out of. He is the Spider, and this is probably the best MMA commercial ever, that is supposed to be about bad beer, but features no bad beer, just good Anderson.

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