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Anderson Silva and Pele Landi nearly got into a fight on the streets of Curitiba, Brazil

Anderson Silva and Pele Landi nearly got into a fight on the streets of Curitiba, Brazil

Last year I wrote a guest feature for our buds at CagePotato regarding who was my favorite fighter to not win a major title. Knowing that I simply couldn’t take the topic and discuss it like a normal human being, I took on the persona of Wallid Ismail and wrote the entire article exactly like he would. Since I’ve literally spent years perfecting my Wallid Ismail dialect and the article was about Pele, I’ll copy what I wrote on CagePotato and place it on MiddleEasy in an attempt to increase the confusion in your life. Of course, there’s also a wealth of Pele knowledge in there.

A lotta guys, they talk alotta bullsheet. They say ‘Wallid, who’s the best guy that never had a…how you say, that never had a belt.’ Guys, they ask me this all the time, man. I say there’s one guy that I remember from Curitiba, Brazil. This guy name Pele, he fight everybody. He’s from the heart of Brazil, the jungle of Brazil — like me. I’m from the Amazon.

Pele fight everybody — he fight Matt Hughes, Pat Miletich, Babalu, Lee Murray, Jake Ellenberger — and he still fighting, man! Pele is still fighting…and winning! This guy no cheeken, he knows! He knows he da best, ya undastand? I told you, I told everybody last time I do interview with Cagea Potato, I say ‘Hey, this guy Pele should be champion.’ I just want everybody to remind — everybody to remember that this guy Pele should be champion.

A long time ago, Pele fought this guy Macaco Patino at the Campeonato Brasileiro de Vale Tudo. These guy, he talk alotta bullsheet. Before the fight me, Macaco, Pele and this guy Stephen Quadros — you know Stephen Quardos? Stephen Quadros was in the room and Macaco has too much cock. He’s too cock, how you say — he cocky. He had alotta guys on the side, talk alotta bullsheet. Macaco pick up a phone a threw it at Pele from across the room! This guy coward, ya undastand? Pele, he was confident. Everybody get in between Pele and Macaco. Pele say ‘You fight now, but tomorrow I make you quit fighting I hit you so hard.’ Pele confident man, he no coward. Next day at Campeonato Brasileiro de Vale Tudo, Pele make Macaco tap to strike. To strike! No one tap to strike! I see Macaco after the…after the fight and I ask ‘Why you talk alotta bullsheet and tap to strike? Because you cock, you coward — you scared about Pele.’

I think I get Pele in Jungle Fight to win a title. He train hard for every fight, no doubt about. Believe me, he will put on a great fight in Jungle Fight. Tell everybody go to Jungle Fight and get my website because everybody know I don’t stop. This is my home. I don’t care. Let’s go to the big fight.

Folks, Pele Landi defeated twice Alexander Shlemenko — on two different continents. Don’t let the 27-15 record fool you. The 39-year-old has literally fought who’s who of MMA talent. In a recent article on Brazil’s PVT, it appears Pele and Anderson Silva nearly scrapped in the middle of the street in Curitiba, Brazil due to some beef the two have held for years. Props to Sherdog for the translation.

“Anderson was jogging in the company of a friend when Pelé, who was driving by the location, saw his enemy and decided to go back and confront him about stuff Anderson wrote about Pelé in his book. according to witnesses, the only reason they didn’t fight was because Anderson’s friend stopped them.”

“I saw him joggin in the runway, turned around and called him out for a fight. He said he would fight me, but soon came a car full of security guards, saying there would be no fight. Anderson started screaming, calling me a punk. I cursed him a lot as well and told him that he is the champion outside, but in Curitiba he is nothing. He always challenged me, I accepted and beat him twice, now I’m challenging him. I wish him a long life with the UFC belt that brings so much pride to the people of Curitiba, but I think we owe it to Curitiba: Anderson x Pele part 3, maybe in a UFC in Curitiba”

“Despite being rivals in the 90s, when they fought twice under Muay Thai rules (with two decisions for Pele), Anderson Silva, Noguchi`s student, became part of Chute Boxe and started to dispute the number one spot in his weight class against Pelé. Both guys always remained rivals inside the Chute Boxe rings. After becoming a UFC champion, Anderson helped Pele in his trainings and, according to what Anderson has told friends, even financially. The quarrel between them happened after Landy read Anderson`s version about an episode in which Pelé splashed water on Anderson and his daughter driving the car over water. After reading the book, Pelé told PVT (the source website) that the story was not true, but Anderson has confirmed it many times.”

Damn, Brazilians turning against Brazilians — it’s like the wild, wild west out there. With that said, I’ll pay for Pele vs. Silva — that is after Manhoef vs. Silva goes down in the UFC.

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