Anderson Silva Acts Out His Favorite Scene From Bad Boys 2

This is going to start out like one of those lame Facebook surveys, but if you grew up in the 90’s you probably thought “Bad Boys” with Martin Lawrence and Will Smith was the shit. I could go into a whole Key & Peele routine about it. Then, when “Bad Boys 2” came out it was pandemonium.

Evidently, Anderson Silva also is in mutual agreement that the “Bad Boys” franchise is, indeed, the shit. Silva released a video of him and his friends acting out the part where a boy comes to take Burnett’s (Martin Lawrence) daughter on a date.

…Except it’s in Silva’s very nonthreatening voice and in slightly broken English. They also brandish a gun in the young man’s face which is pretty wild, but I guess this kind of wild, goofy stuff es normal.

Now all I want is an Anderson Silva buddy cop movie with Steven Seagal. Check out the full clip below.

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