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And here it is, a photo of Anderson Silva post-fight with his family

And here it is, a photo of Anderson Silva post-fight with his family

Look at that banner photo with Anderson Silva raising his hands in victory, something that MMA fans didn’t have the opportunity to witness at all in 2013. Now that we’re two days into the new year, the soonest we can see Silva even step foot in the gym is around July, right around the time the UFC assembles their gargantuan July 4th card. Don’t expect to see Silva fighting anytime before Fall of 2014, that is if he even comes back to the sport at all.

Regardless of if he recovers from his injury, the guy will just never be the same. If only Silva can just agree that Weidman just had his number and retire, then MMA fans will have little means to tarnish his career. Although, some people are already stripping Anderson Silva of his legacy, claiming the reason he had such a dominant run in the UFC is because the middleweight division was relatively thin with talent. That’s a pretty shaky argument, at best, and the same statement was used to describe Georges St. Pierre triumphant run in the welterweight division.

Anderson Silva, stay retired. Please. If only you could understand from an MMA fan’s perspective. There is nothing left for you to prove. Now, continue to color coordinate with your family and take photos, like this one.

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