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And for a bizarre twist, Floyd Mayweather wants to start managing MMA fighters

And for a bizarre twist, Floyd Mayweather wants to start managing MMA fighters

Hey guys, remember that time when you sincerely thought Canelo Alvarez would beat Floyd Mayweather? Those were the days. I mean, to live in such a delusion — It’s pretty incredible. Quite frankly I’m not sure if you guys were just trying to pull off the most incredible troll job, and if that’s the case, bravo. Well done indeed.

Floyd Mayweather may not know who Anderson Silva is, but according to this recent FightHype interview, it appears Floyd Mayweather wants to expand The Money Team to mixed martial arts.

I want to promote MMA fighters also. We lookin to promote MMA fighters, so it’s the first time you’re hearing it on FightHype

You know, Al Haymon is looking to manage MMA fighters. Even though Al Haymon hasn’t came on record and said it, but I want Al to manage MMA fighters. I think I can take it to the next level

You know, I don’t mind doing business with Dana White. Dana White’s a cool guy. I’ve been knowing Dana before he got involved with the MMA.

Heads up Malki Kawa, now you have to compete with Al Haymon for the title as — oh your title is actually ‘the best damn sports agent around.’ Well, OK then.

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