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An video interview with the legendary, Rickson Gracie

An video interview with the legendary, Rickson Gracie

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If there ever was such a thing as peaking too soon in the world of kickass BJJ/submission grappling websitery, it might well be the Rickson Gracie interview.  It’s, in my mind, like the Holy Grail of what we strive to do here (and sometimes achieve).  You may disagree, but the DSTRYR/SG crew views Rickson as the greatest living mind and spirit embodiment of Jiu Jitsu.  I’m not going to say we worship the ground that he walks on, but I will say that ground is pretty special (and we would not begrudge you for praying to it periodically).

Last week, DSTRYR/SG videographer-at-large, sgCRSHR (aka Ruben Vera), had the opportunity to ask Rickson a few choice questions on camera.  The edited version is what you see below (thanks to the talented Demolisher [aka Allen Chambers]).  We’re excited to bring it to you, not only because it’s Rickson Gracie, but because we believe Rickson’s eloquence and wisdom on the subject of BJJ will mean a lot to you.

Watch the Video Interview…

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