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An otherwise innocent Jon Jones is guilty of just one thing: getting caught now and then

An otherwise innocent Jon Jones is guilty of just one thing: getting caught now and then

UFC champion Jon Jones tested positive for cocaine during a random urine test last month.  But in an interview with Fox Sports 1 that aired Monday, Jones explained that he doesn’t have a drug problem.  “Me going to rehab … it was like a collective decision between myself and some of my business partners,” he explained. “They thought it would be good. I told them right away, ‘I don’t have a drug problem. I just got caught.'” 

He is right of course, he did get caught.  And despite critics alleging Jones has a variety of problems, there is no solid evidence that his problems actually exist.   For instance, Jon has been caught on camera repeatedly poking opponents in the eyes.  But does that mean he has an eye-poking problem?  No, it means he has been caught doing it habitually, an important distinction.  Jon was arrested for DWI in 2012 after he ran his car into a telephone pole.  But does that prove he had a drinking problem, or that he was a poor driver?  Absent more convincing proof, the most a reasonable observer can say is that Jon got caught doing those things.

The unfair accusations against Jones are especially troubling given the act of getting caught depends upon a nosey third party, someone completely out of his control.  Having done his very best not to get caught, it is difficult to hold him responsible simply because people have noticed his behavior at the wrong time.  But given Jones does not have any real problems, one can only hope that these outside observers stop catching him doing things so often.  Then, perhaps he can get on with the important business of being a  respected champion and upstanding role model for his countless impressionable fans.

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