Guy gets punched, ear explodes and sends blood flying 10 feet in the air

Exploding ears are all the rage in MMA. It started with Jessica Eye and Leslie Smith at UFC 180. A right hand from Eye landed perfectly on Smith’s cauliflower ear causing it to explode on impact and thus an MMA trend was born. With vintage Vitor Belfort on Wanderlei Silva level strikes hitting his opponent and his ear, dude in green shorts has topped Eye on MiddleEasy’s “Ear Blasting Freight Train” list.

When Smith’s ear exploded like a firecracker, she wanted to continue her fight with Eye before the referee waved it off. The guy in the all black shorts was not given that option. Well he might have raised his hand to protest the situation but dude in green shorts was not stopping his ear busting combo mid stream.

If your opponent attempts to reenact a scene from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre with just his left ear as a prop you have to pounce on him for the TKO win. Walk off KO’s, Showtime kicks are all just prepping the MMA world for the first ear exploding Showtime kick walk off KO sometime in 2015.

Props to Taz Styles on the UG for the find!

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