An amateur MMA fighter is a real life superhero…Kinda

I’ve been wanting to move to the Pacific Northwest for years now but Zeus always dissuades me. He says it’s depressing there and I would kill myself within six weeks. I take his word for a grain of salt but he is well traveled and wise, so I’ve stayed in Chicago…For the time being at least. Now that I know Seattle has real life superheroes (vigilantes) running around pepper spraying all the evil doers in the Emerald City, I think it’s time that I officially relocate.

It turns out the brother of Strikeforce’s Caros Fodor, Ben “Flattop” Fodor, is not only an amateur MMA fighter, but is the alias of Seattle crimefighter Phoenix Jones! Rare footage was caught Sunday night as Phoenix Jones chased down a group of alleged criminals and taught them a lesson they won’t soon forget.

Phoenix Jones was later arrested and charged with four counts of assault.


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