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Xtreme Cagefighting Championships TONIGHT for FREE! 7:30pm EST!

Xtreme Cagefighting Championships TONIGHT for FREE! 7:30pm EST!

Sometimes you have to specify that MMA will be live and not undead. The last thing you need is a crew of zombies trying to get each other in a rear naked choke. I take that back. That’s the first thing we need. Zombie against zombie action in a cage just may be the rawest thing anyone would ever witness on this earth. I can’t think of anything rawer than zombies cagefighting. If you can, let me know.

Tonight, we won’t have any legion of the undead fighting for supremacy of the afterlife. We will, however, be granted to watch Xtreme Cagefighting Championshp streamed live from…Michigan. Sometimes you forget Michigan is still a state (and if you don’t, you’re more highly evolved than me) until they throw on an event with 5 championship belts and then you snap your fingers and say ‘Oh, I remember you from 3rd grade Geography. 

Go to XCC’s website to watch the fight tonight (It’s free!). No excuses people. That chick that told you she was going to hang out with you this weekend…she’s not. Hate to break it to you. 

Watch Xtreme Cagefighting Championship streaming LIVE tonight at 7:30pm eastern! 


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