Amazing and Graphic: Russian fighter sets up the RNC with a snapped leg

It’s no secret that Russians are immeasurably tough. We’ve known this for years, through stereotypes and of course stoic enigmas like Fedor Emelianenko who seemingly walked through bombs on his way to becoming one of the best heavyweight fighters that we’ll ever see.

I’ve lost count of the amount of dumb Russian shit where some guy has done something beyond the realms of normal human pain thresholds just to get one up on his opponent. These men go to war, and if you severe their spine, you bet your arse they’re going to use only their teeth to pull themselves across the ground to get you. You’re getting bitten. What I’m saying is, Russians are zombies. Really mean effing zombies.

This guy is no different. If you have a propensity to hurl at the sight of something downright gruesome then you’re probably not going to want to watch this video. If however, you absolutely love watching someone’s leg in a disgusting position, then go for it! It has a happy ending after all…


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