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Fighter Amanda Serrano mocks Jared Gordon for being a recovering addict & she’s the worst

Fighter Amanda Serrano mocks Jared Gordon for being a recovering addict & she’s the worst

Look before yesterday we had no idea who Amanda Serrano was. Now we wouldn’t mine if she got knocked out in her next fight. Serrano and UFC fighter Jared Gordon got into a beef, some comedy was had and then she mocked him for his being a recovering addict.

Not only did Serrano drag Gordon’s road to recover into the conversation, she did it more than a few times and you can feel she was smiling while she typed it up.

This was just the tip of the iceberg as Serrano brought up Gordon’s struggles with drugs again and again. Having some sort of heart, Serrano went back and deleted some of her more mean spirited insults flung at Gordon.

Amazing enough, this entire online beef was born form Serrano claiming she rolled six hours at practice and Gordon questioning if she really spent that much time on the mats.

We feel like we say stuff like this a lot but lets just say it again, making fun of people for the drug addictions is not an okay thing. Complete low blow. Don’t ever do it.

Now we await online trolls and devil’s advocate to crawl to their keyboards to argue why it was okay for Amanda Serrano to mock Jared Gordon. These people actually exist and they will argue their very dumb and very bad point’s of view.

Pizza is delicious….well actually. Puppies are cute… see the thing is. Exercise is good for you….you’re wrong MiddleEasy, stop being a SJW for exercise. You’re too sensitive about pizza. Stop being nosy about people’s opinions of puppies.

To bring it back full circle. Amanda Serrano is kind of trash for making fun of Jared Gordon’s struggles with addiction. Memo to the MMA community as a whole, do not ever mock other people for the battling addiction. Let’s do better with our trash talk.

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