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All is well at Camp Jackson: Overeem is still training with post-injury Jon Jones

All is well at Camp Jackson: Overeem is still training with post-injury Jon Jones

According to a few of his past training partners, Alistair Overeem takes things too far at times in the gym. Hell, he may even be a bonafide sadist. Even a fully-bearded Andrei Arlovski has complained that the Reem “injures everyone he trains with.” So when Jon Jones suffered a torn meniscus and sprained ankle when the two were training together, people speculated that the injury might have been avoided.

Despite the musings of Alistair’s alleged previous victims, Greg Jackson explained the injury as a simple training accident. And in an interview with MMA H.E.A.T.’s Karyn Bryant at the UFC 178 Q&A in Los Angeles, he confirmed that Jones hasn’t been avoiding him.

“Have you been doing a lot of training specifically with Jon?” Bryant asked.

“Yeah we trained a little bit,” he said. “‘Cause he had his media tour and I had my media stuff, but we’ll be training a lot in the coming weeks.

So unless Jon is scheduling strings of interviews with local newspapers as a ruse to avoid Alistair, all is well at Camp Jackson. “All in all, in a nutshell, I’m very happy,”he said.

Overeem fights Ben Rothwell next Friday at UFC Fight Night 50. He deems the man a “banger,” and believes things should go in his favor. “He’s not really good at any particular thing,” Alistair said.

But hopefully the Reem is wrong. Hopefully Ben is at least really good at avoiding injuries.

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