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Alistair Overeem vs. Brett Rogers is FINALLY going down May 15th

Alistair Overeem vs. Brett Rogers is FINALLY going down May 15th

If our Top Ten 10 Beefs in MMA list were extended by three additional numbers, the beef between Brett Rogers and Alistair Overeem’s managers would come in-between 11 and 13. Alright, that’s pretty obvious. Captain Obvious just dropped off another note and it says ‘Brett Rogers looks like Mr. T’. That’s great. If I were in the Army and under the command of Captain Obvious, I would try my hardest to be spontaneous. The nearly year long beef is filled with death threats, manager beefs, security guards, bacterial infection, media altercations…and it all started in a Dutch bathroom.

Ubereem and his brother ‘Valentine’ (apparently all Dutch people have names that could rule third world countries) were chilling in a club and taking a break from reducing the human population with their knees and they needed to urinate in a safe place. They strolled to the bathroom but they didn’t have enough change to pay the bathroom lady. If you’re not familiar with European bathroom attendants, just imagine a person who is in charge of toilet to urinator match-ups. They’re like the restroom Joe Silva and they need to be financially compensated every time they find an open toilet for you. Ubereem dug in his pockets and realized he didn’t have any change. He told her that he would just pay her after he used the toilet but the urinator match-up lady wasn’t having it so security guards got involved. Normally, one security guard could handle the situation but Ubereem is like the end result of Voltron. As Alistair was leaving the club, he looked back and noticed that his brother was still arguing with the security guards. One security guard tackled Valentine while the other five security guards tried to restrain him. Ubereem rushed to help his brother and this resulted in five security guards being hospitalized. In the bathroom brawl, Alistair injured his hand, it got infected and the doctor’s nearly severed his right hand from his arm. Needless to say, he could not defend his Strikeforce Heavyweight Belt against Brett Rogers that was scheduled go down down within two months from that infamous ‘Dutch bathroom brawl’ incident. Apparently nearly losing his hand just wasn’t enough for Brett Rogers’ manager. Here’s what he said about Ubereem ‘ducking’ his fight with Brett Rogers.

“I don’t think Overeem was ever planning on fighting Brett. I think Overeem is afraid of Brett. He’s afraid of a big striker who is going to knock him out. … I don’t think anyone is going to admit that, but I’m not going to shy away from it. He’s had two opportunities to fight Brett but he hasn’t taken either of [them]. … if I was Overeem, I would avoid Brett too. It’s a horrible f***ing fight for Overeem.”

I can totally understand why anyone would be afraid of a dude that’s 10-1 with 9 of his wins coming by KO and the other one from submission by strikes. For those of you that don’t exactly know what that means, imagine a guy punching your brain over and over again and the only way to stop anymore of your brain cells from dying is to tap out while your brain is repeatedly being punched. This didn’t sit well with Ubereem’s manager, Bas Boon. Bas is the type of guy that will call out an entire organization, allege fight rigging, financial extortion and mafia involvement all in one swift breath. It took him like a fraction of a second to respond to Reilly’s claim with this:

“Does Brett Rogers think this help’s him? Alistair trains everyday with punchers like Errol Zimmerman, Gokhan Saki, Karaev, Sergei Kharitonov, and Semmy Schilt.

He knocked out one of the best strikers in the world in Badr Hari in the first round under Hari’s rules (K-1). He fought three rounds against three time K-1 World Champion Remy Bojasky and would have won that fight had they counted the second round knock down. What exactly does Brett Rogers have on his record?”

Those are fighting words said by two guys who don’t actually fight. Now MMAJunkie is reporting that Ubereem has confirmed a title match against Brett Rogers which, after exactly a year since it was first announced, is finally going down May 15th in Strikeforce. Hopefully Ubereem will just urinate in his hand and dispose of it in a plastic bag the next time he needs to pee inside a Dutch nightclub. [Source]

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