Alistair Overeem says Cain Velasquez is number one and M-1 is starting the excuses

Every time I read an Alistair Overeem interview, I hear it in his even keel tone of voice and I picture him on a hill, hands on hips, squinting into the Dutch sunset as he calmly voices his opinion to me. For being such a violent human being, Ubereem sure has a calming demeanor. Hopefully he will do voice over work in the future for car commercials or something. The commercial could have some sort of picture in picture function where Ubereems head can be featured in the bottom corner of the screen gazing at you as the car that is being pitched impressively races around a closed course by a professional driver. Alistair Overeems head is the future of automobile marketing in Europe. With that said, just conducted an uber interview (had to do it) with the horse hunter, and Alistair had a lot to say about Cain Velasquez and M-1 Global as always.

”I agree that Cain Velasquez holds the number one position; he had a very good year and beat the champion in very impressive fashion. Now Cain is sidelined for the rest of the year and having the Strikeforce GP tournament in 2011 there is enough room to take that number one spot. The winner of the GP should be number one in the rankings because I still believe Strikeforce has the best heavyweight division in the world”

”Yes, sure a fight with Fedor is something I wanted for a long time but most important is that the fans want to see that fight. The only concern I have with M-1 is that the way they do business, they are very unpredictable and always find a way to hostage Strikeforce/Showtime to delay a fight or demand some crazy stuff. I don’t like it when people are trying to use boxing strategic to set up fights, we all know how boxing is doing popularity wise and the reason is that management is getting involved with promoting. So having a company co-promoting a show where there fighter will be main event is asking for problems. When they announced the tournament and told the contracts were signed I was very proud Strikeforce set up a great tournament like that but now hearing Vadim telling the media that there needs to be extra testing then I’m thinking; “here we go again”. The commission in the USA test fighters and now all of a sudden he’s demanding extra testing, I never heard Vadim asking this when Fedor was fighting in Japan and even on his own M-1 shows they don’t test at all! So my guess is that they are looking for excuses already.”

If Ubereem didn’t have the personality of Chamomile he probably would have gone “Aw snap” at the end there.


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