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Alistair Overeem just made Brock Lesnar retire, WOW

Alistair Overeem just made Brock Lesnar retire, WOW

May 21st, 2010 was the date in which we could officially change Alistair’s name from ‘Ubereem’ to ‘Uberclean’ without having to fill out any unnecessary paperwork. It was the day when all critics, haters, UG fanboys, socialists, narrow-minded thinkers and disbelievers were proven wrong. Alistair Overeem passed his Olympic-style drug test after Strikeforce St. Louis and the MMA world emptied their bottles of haterade they left aboard the ‘Let’s hate Ubereem for no valid reason’ bandwagon.

Tonight, the question as to what Alistair Overeem would do to top competition in the UFC has been answered — with a brutal body strike. Alistair Overeem hit Brock Lesnar so hard that he retired. That’s some next level stuff right there. There’s a reason why Alistair Overeem has been on the top of our Frate Trane list since it existed.

The bout opened up with Brock Lesnar standing with Alistair Overeem instead of immediately shooting for a takedown like everyone and their illegitimate child thought. There was one minor takedown attempt, but it was effortlessly stuffed by The Reem. That was the moment when everyone’s jaw dropped to the floor inside the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. Lesnar’s primary method of winning did not work against Overeem’s forcefield. Alistair then attempted to clinch with Brock in order to throw one of those mind-erasing knees that we’ve seen in the past. He managed to pull off a body kick that was so powerful that it sent Lesnar to the ground. He followed up with a few uppercuts with Lesnar’s body pressed against the cage. Mario Yamasaki stepped in and it was over.

Now to celebrate Alistair Overeem’s successful debut in the UFC, here’s the new episode of The Reem that was released just hours ago during UFC 141.


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