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Alistair Overeem further explains the Golden Glory situation in this interview…

Alistair Overeem further explains the Golden Glory situation in this interview…

If you want to catch a monster, make a scary movie. If you want to catch an Overeem, give him tickets to War Horse.

I managed to rock my ‘Team Cro Cop’ shirt in Downtown Los Angeles last night and as I was parking my car, the parking attendant noticed it and yelled ‘Mirko Cro Cop!’ We talked a little bit and I asked who he was picking for Friday’s upcoming fight. While he didn’t necessarily known who Alistair Overeem was, he explicitly informed me that ‘Brock Lesnar is the new Bob Sapp’ and ‘that big Dutch fella’ will expose him.’ I’m not sure if any of that is accurate, but I do like the term ‘Big Dutch Fella’ (BDF).

So watch this video of BDF granting MiddleEasy a brief interview just days before his UFC debut. You will like it. Trust me, I know what you like. I’m like your mother.

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