Alistair Overeem Says His UFC Debut Over Brock Lesnar Beats Michael Chandler’s

Looking back on his UFC debut win over WWE superstar Brock Lesnar, Alistair Overeem feels that was a more impressive debut than the one Michael Chandler recently had

Alistair Overeem
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The career of Alistair Overeem has had some pretty incredible moments. However he feels that his introduction into the UFC long ago was the best debut in the promotion’s history. 

Allow yourself to take a trip down memory lane to when Overeem made his debut in the UFC, back in 2011. He was taking on the behemoth Brock Lesnar, in the WWE superstar’s first fight since losing the heavyweight title.

Since winning that fight in impressive fashion, getting the first round TKO and basically retiring Lesnar, the Reem has had an illustrious run in the UFC. While he did not win gold himself, he has gotten as close as he can and has still not given up hope.


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Alistair Overeem Says He Had The Best UFC Debut

Nowadays, Alistair Overeem is having one final run at UFC gold, but he recently got to see another impressive UFC debut. Former Bellator champ Michael Chandler recently knocked out Dan Hooker in his promotional debut, which has been dubbed the best in UFC history.

However speaking in a recent interview, Alistair explained that he does not feel this to be the case. He says his win over Lesnar was a better UFC start than anyone, especially Chandler.

“Definitely better than Michael Chandler,” Overeem said about his debut win over Lesnar. “All respect to Michael and his performance, but I don’t think you can even compare those two fights.

“Alistair vs. Brock Lesnar in 2011, or Michael Chandler vs. Dan Hooker. I don’t think you can make a comparison between those two.”

In fact, Overeem can still remember the feeling of that fight pretty clearly. He remembers the hectic feeling of making his UFC debut, especially when he had so much hype behind him going into it, and was taking on a megastar.

“I remember everything very clear,” Overeem said. “There was a lot of things going on. It was crazy. I came off the [Fabricio] Werdum win and then before that the K-1 Grand Prix win and the DREAM title win.

“It was a very hectic time. A lot of moving parts. I was moving to the states. Fans everywhere. I couldn’t walk around Vegas, I just got chased by fans. It was a crazy time. I’m actually happy it’s not as hectic anymore. It’s a little more calm and soothing.”


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Do you think Alistair Overeem had a better UFC debut than Michael Chandler?

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