Alistair Overeem believes M-1 Global fabricates Fedor’s interviews

This weekend I ran into Alistair Overeem’s coach, Martijn de Jong, in San Jose. We really didn’t have that much time to talk, but we promised each other we would get together sometime this weekend to talk about the Overeem/Fedor drama that I will appropriately call ‘Fedoreem’. See, it’s a combination of Fedor and Overeem and it puts ‘Jennito‘ to shame.

If you follow me on Twitter, you probably remember how I claimed that a recent interview with Fedor was completely false and fabricated by M-1 Global to build leverage for contract negotiations. I contacted M-1 Global directly to get their response and they told me that ‘they had nothing to do with that interview, it wasn’t from M-1 Global’ however, Evgeni Kogan assured me that it was Fedor who answered the questions in the interview I can no longer find because Google has failed me yet again.

Alistair Overeem tends to think that the entire interview was fabricated and he goes on to say that M-1 Global had done most of the talking for Fedor for quite a while now.

“There was a lot of discussion if this was really Fedor saying that because people where telling that Fedor would never give a reaction like that. I know for a fact that M-1 does most of the talking when Fedor is interviewed in writing so I’m not surprised if M-1 gave this answer. On the other hand it could also be that Fedor made these comments but was not well informed by M-1 about the negotiation with Strikeforce and myself. M-1 is doing a great job of keeping Fedor away of the true reality about what is going on. If Fedor reads the internet especially in the US then he will be shocked how many bad things have been said about him and especially M-1. They singlehandedly destroyed the legacy Fedor had with all their weird demands and strange comments during the year. So I hope Fedor read this and will tell him exactly what happened. You challenged me to late and I was already committed for the K-1 and don’t blame me because I was calling you out for more than a year but your management company gave all sort of excuses not to fight me. They need months of negotiations with Strikeforce before they can make a fight happen and I’m not the person that’s going to wait for you because I want to fight as much as I can. I’m more than happy to fight you but now you have to wait for me this time, sorry about that (laughs)”

The drama will never end between these two. I’m sure there’s some Greek mythological metaphor I can refer to that would appropriately describe the turmoil between Fedor and Ubereem, but I spent an entire semester of Classical Greek and Roman Mythology looking at the chick who sat in front of me. That statement could apply to every class I attended at The University of Arizona. [Source]

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