Ali Abdelaziz Demands At Least $50 Million For Khabib’s Next Match

Ali Abdelaziz Targets Extremely High Paycheck For Khabib’s Next UFC Showdown!

Khabib’s manager, Ali Abdelaziz, asks for a gigantic sum of money for “Eagle’s” next fight. Even some boxing superstars could be jealous of the amount!

Tony Ferguson will have a very difficult job now. More people will come in play for a fight against an undefeated Dagestani. It will be harder for him to get a crack at Khabib’s title. According to Dana White, “El Cucuy” is the guy who deserves a next title shot versus “The Eagle”.

The Russian superstar is looking for a super fight at the moment. It is rumored that Khabib Vs GSP is in works for UFC 2019 PPV event. Unfortunately for “The Eagle”, Dana White recently shut down the rumors of Nurmagomedov Vs Mayweather boxing match.

Ali Abdelaziz confirmed that the main goal of Nurmagomedov’s next fight is a superb payout. It also means less popular fighters won’t be considered. (via

“Ben Askren, Woodley, none of these guys can touch Khabib,” Abdelaziz told TMZ Sports recently. “Especially if they’re scared to get tired and these guys, they get tired. Now, I’m not even worried about Tyron or Ben Askren, I’m worrying about somebody bringing $50M to $100M to the table and none of these guys can bring $200,000 to the table.”

Conor McGregor received $3 million for the headlining role of UFC 229 main event. But when it comes to the PPV (pay-per-view) percentage, it is believed he has earned around $50 million! “The Eagle” was offered a basic payout of 2 million dollars. His PPV (pay-per-view) percentage is not as big as Conor’s. Also, NSAC released only half of his purse due to UFC 229 post-fight incident.

Ali Abdelaziz also confirmed that money is going to talk this time and nothing else. Khabib’s manager claims Conor bragged that his income from their fight was an impressive $50 million! Since Khabib defeated Irish superstar, Abdelaziz sees no reason why “The Eagle” couldn’t bypass McGregor.

 “Listen, the guy we just fought said he made $50M,” Ali Abdelaziz said. “I think, as a global superstar, Khabib bypass him. You have a guy meeting with Putin and Erdoğan and the other guy selling liquor on the corner store. It’s not even in the f**king same planet. Good for him. Whatever. It’s none of our business, he do what he does. We try to go to Africa, we try to do different things. It’s not even close.”

“At the end of the day, maybe a whole bunch of money gets on the table, maybe the rematch. I don’t know. Maybe we’ll give a rematch to the guy we just killed. . . Whatever’s gonna bring Khabib money. This is now my job. It’s not Khabib’s job. Khabib created legacy, 11 years, 27 fights. Right now, money talks, bulls**t walks. That’s it.”

Khabib’s popularity grows rapidly after winning the UFC Lightweight title. He was already welcomed by Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

According to Ali Abdelaziz, there is a plan to invest $1 million for charitable works projects in Africa.

“We’re gonna give $1M to get wells and help with schools,” concluded Abdelaziz. “He’s gonna go to Africa probably end of this year, beginning of next year, and this is the most important thing. Khabib wants to touch lives.”

Ali Abdelaziz says Khabib’s ultimate goal is to maximize his incomes. They don’t plan to focus on defeating “number one contender”. Everything is about the size of a paycheck.

“Khabib can retire now. He’s rich. . . But if somebody’s gonna put big paycheck on the table and we can get it done, I don’t care about number one contender, number ten contender. Khabib was number one contender for five years! Conor jumped him, Eddie jumped him, a lot of people jumped him. Right now, it’s about the paycheck.”

Is Ali Abdelaziz looking for too much money? After all, it is hard to expect Dana White will even want to talk about putting $50 million on the table! Khabib is not Conor.

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2 thoughts on “Ali Abdelaziz Demands At Least $50 Million For Khabib’s Next Match”

  1. Wow!!! Ali Abdelaziz is doing some serious talking and no more #1 Bull Sh*T!!! The UFC has to play ball because they open the door to Cornor and now the fighters who step up like Khabib will have to get what they want. Have some guts and speak your mind about what you want! No more begging Dana for bonuses!!! I hear a knocking on the door! Union who you are? 🙂

  2. I think GSP has to be the front runner for the next fight and if Khabib beats GSP, there is Money Mayweather and or the rematch with Cornor in time. I am sure the UFC and Dana aren’t very happy about this but that is the cost of doing business!

    The fight with GSP could be a legendary fight! Some think it will be boring but they are wrong! This fight will have lots of action. Two of the UFC greatest wrestlers/grapplers but with strong wills to win. They are unique in their wrestling styles. GSP is a self made wrestler with bjj black belt (no prior history of wrestling training). Khabib is totally different because he grew up wrestling and grappling almost every style you can imagine, coming out of Dagestan (Freestyle, Greco Roman, Judo, Sambo, Pankration, Army Hand-to-Hand Combat. Each one of these were International master of sports. A master of sport is considered a black belt level in the Russian system and International level means you are dam good! What Khabib brings to the table isn’t just wrestling/grappling! It is a life of combination of choices in styles of combat. It allows him to quickly choose how he will attack with a complexities of maneuvers.

    Now, I am not crying Khabib is going to kill GSP…GSP is dam good himself! GSP has a great mind for combat sport and has shown a very adaptable style. He is always learning! The key to this fight is neither one is going to allow the other to dominate in top position. Each will do everything in their power to get up and change top position. There will “not” be any laying and preying going on in this fight! Yes, there will be take downs and striking in transition and the will “not” to be dominated on top runs strong with both fighters. GSP will try to manage Khabib with his distance control (left jab) and Khabid will attack…attack…attack and when the attack fails, we will see Khabib’s clinch work come into action and GSP better be prepared to handle Khabid clinch game (Judo throws, sweeps) will be Khabib’s secondard attack! This fight will be non stop with both attacking and Parrying each others attacks. Complex wrestling/grappling with intermittent striking in transitions. GSP will be probing Khabib with his striking and also trying to set up his take downs. The question will be who has the better cardio or who can drain the others energy more efficiently. This is one of those kinds of fights where there is never enough energy but champions choose to cross that boundary into no mans land. It is where legends are made. GSP made a comment that he is always scared but will do the walk if he needs too! I think we can say the same for both GSP and Khabib!
    This could be a true war at the highest combat level of 2 UFC top professional Champions! Cannot wait to see this fight!


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