Video: Alex Oliveira Goes DX on Will Brooks and Gets a Slobbery Mouthpiece in His Face

Well, when Alex “Cowboy” Oliveira and Will Brooks first started fighting, everything seemed to be going as planned. Brooks was using his wrestling to try and neutralize Oliveira. Of course, the Brazilian Cowboy weighed in at a different damn weight class and Brooks seemed to damage his rib early in the fight. Eventually it led to this…

After Oliveira hit Brooks so many time that the ref had to stop the fight, he did the “suck it” taunt and some other gesture we can only assume also meant the same thing. Brooks came after him like Fabricio Werdum and Edmond Tarverdyan but couldn’t get close enough to punch him. So, what did he do? Throw his mouthpiece, spit and all, in the dude’s face.

Watch the craziness below.

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