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African Cultures are Performing Dong CPR at Musangwe Fights

African Cultures are Performing Dong CPR at Musangwe Fights
Being knocked out is a strange thing. It’s almost like time travel in a way. One moment you’re walking around or in a fight or whatever it is you’re doing before you get knocked out, and the next moment you’re looking up and wondering where you are and how you got there. I’ve never been knocked out by another human being, but I did walk into a pole and knock myself unconscious once, and I was left with a really weird (and painful) feeling afterwards. It was very disorienting. I couldn’t imagine waking up from being knocked out only to find a guy with his hand in my pants, tugging at my dong. It very well might feel awesome, and that would only add to my confusion. 

It’s hard to tell why that exact situation is playing out in the video below, but according to the title of the video this is some form of CPR? Seems shady to me, but I’m not a doctor so I can’t say they’re wrong. I just hope this guy is okay…

Thanks to Fedor Malakhov. 100 points for you!

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