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Jon Jones Says “Straight B*tch” Israel Adesanya is Scared to Fight Him

Former Light Heavyweight king Jon Jones continues the back and forth against Israel Adesanya, stating that Israel is scared to fight him.

Jon Jones Says “Straight B*tch” Israel Adesanya is Scared to Fight Him

Jon Jones has made it very public that he dislikes Israel Adesanya. In the past, both men have spoken ill of each other in the press and on social media. Usually, Jones dissects his upcoming opponents on social media for all to see. He publicly exploits the holes in the style of his opponent, then goes out and beats them. But, in the case of Adesanya, the back and forth is a constant trolling of personalities. In his latest social media tearing, Jones alleges that Adesanya is scared to fight him.

Adesanya (20-0) annihilated Paulo Costa (13-1) in the second round of their main event title fight via TKO. And, with virtually no resistance met from Paulo, he made it look easy.

Jones Speaks on Adesanya Being Scared 

Watching the fight, was former light heavyweight champion, Jon Jones. And of course, he wasn’t as impressed by the performance as the fans were. Even if he was fascinated, he declined to show it. Instead, Jones took a moment to address Adesanya on social media, critiquing his appearance, and saying that he’s scared to fight him. 

“1. Dye my hair pink
2. Grow a pair of breasts
3. Convince the world Jon Jones is jealous even though he’s undefeated, incredibly successful and the youngest champion in the sports history.
4. Mentioned Jon Jones in all interviews but avoid fighting him at all costs,” wrote Jones on Twitter.

Jones Continues the Roast Session 

Jones continued to attempt his roasting session towards Israel for another two hours. As fans chimed in with their two cents, Jon did not hesitate to say what was on his mind. He references Adesanya’s mysterious pec muscle, his MMA record, and Adesanya potentially being on estrogen.

It’s clear that these men need to eventually settle their differences inside of the cage. Or else, the back and forth feud on Twitter will never end. Even after they do fight, something tells us that their rivalry won’t respectfully end in a handshake. 

One breast for now

Oh it has, he just hides it real well. Dudes a straight bitch

I wonder if boo-hoo man makes training bras

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