A New Zealand news show put together a great look at the return of Mark Hunt

We’ve been rallying for Mark Hunt since it was #RallyForMarkHunt. But those were different times. He may be 1-1-1 in his last 3, but damn it, he deserves a shot at one of the top contenders in the heavyweight division, if not a title shot. Sure, we could see Hunt vs Miocic, but that doesn’t create a burning in my belly. Not the burning I’m looking for at least. Travis Browne would be straight violence, and that could work, but still, there’s a spark lacking. While the JDS fight was amazing, we don’t need to see that again, and I have absolutely zero interest in seeing JDS fight Cain again, so it’s pretty simple. Give the Super Samoan a shot at the title. He should get the winner of Cain vs Werdum. It just makes sense.

Or he can rematch Barnett, which both are down for doing next month. That would be fine too. I’d prefer the title shot scenario though now that you’re asking. I also prefer black socks to white socks and I don’t like deep dish pizza. 

Tagata Pasifika put together a great little segment on the return and rise of Mark Hunt, and you should watch it below. Yes, black socks. **** white socks. Only fools wear socks that are white.

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