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A new edition of ‘Baller or Buster’ is here

A new edition of ‘Baller or Buster’ is here

February is here which means that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. It’s around a corner on a street that I will never travel on. Sad face. Hopefully this new edition of Baller or Buster will serve as a replacement for all the poor schmucks that don’t have any plans for this Valentine’s Day. The results of the old Baller or Buster questions are posted below, and remember, you can vote on the new Baller or Buster questions on the front page of every single day.

Gray Maynard vs. Frankie Edgar III on the horizon
Baller: 59%

Buster: 41%


The new MiddleEasy site design
Baller: 17.9%
Buster: 82.1%


The Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand-Prix
Baller: 92.5%

Buster: 7.5%

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