A Lesson in Street MMA: No striking defense? Just throw that trash can at him

Mixed martial arts is all about innovation. The fighters who adapt and innovate in their surroundings are the ones who rise to the top. Like a trash can slowly filling up with garbage, the cream of the sport always rises to the top.

When fighting front of your local convenient store, it’s as good a time as any to expand your MMA skill set. Don’t ever hesitate to beat a man with his own shoe and don’t ever second guess yourself when testing out exotic MMA defense techniques in the wild. For example when your cardio is about to hit “E” and your chin has been checked by several unblocked punches, just go ahead grab that trash can and fling it at your opponent.

We won’t judge. Sure you will smell a little bit after the fight but you know what smell never gets old? The smell of victory. 

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