A Lesson in Shallow Drainage Ditch Grappling: Inverted triangles should and will be attempted

Before cell phones existed, street fights used to mean something. You had to get lucky, maybe see two vagrants throwing haymakers under an overpass for a split second during your morning commute. Violent street confrontations were the rabid unicorn of urban life. Now, they are like pigeons. Every online street corner has one.

Thankfully, Brazil is still guarding some of the novelty of street fighting by maintaining a populace that is at least superficially trained in ground fighting. The country’s storied history of controlled butt-flopping virtually guarantees that every single street fight will include a somewhat technical move you can later watch in slow motion and practice before BJJ class.

This video doesn’t exactly feature Gracie Breakdown level grappling, but a guy does go hunting for an inverted triangle in the opening minute. That’s something. They also demonstrate the effectiveness of ground fighting in a shallow drainage ditch. We are desperate, we will take it.

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