A Lesson in Kangaroo Street MMA: A stalemate down under

Kangaroos and humans have one thing in common, besides the love of collecting useless items in pockets: their Street MMA, like human Street MMA, always takes place on the cement with no regards for a dome-splitting KO. These kangaroos won’t be knocking anyone out any time soon, however, as this battle of belly kicks plays out, you can see these two tough guys, deltoids glistening in the sun, eventually evolve their game. 

It’s true – the beginning of the fight saw the two eyeing each other for a perfect double kick, until the hand battle begins and eventually pummeling. Yes, the fight is a draw, or maybe the one on the left wins because of his quadruple double kick halfway through the match, but I’m fine with this being a draw, just like Bigfoot/Hunt, the best fight in Australia since this one.

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