A fan asked Rampage Jackson to slap him in the face, so he did it!

In some third-world cultures, a slap in the face by Rampage Jackson is the equivalent of dipping your first born in a volcano and the child coming out miraculously unscathed. Actually back in the day in Japan, one of Inoki’s young fans was playfully hitting him during a press event. Inoki, looked back at the kid and slapped him in the face. The kid was stunned, but his father emerged from the crowd, stood in front of his son and bowed to Inoki as a sign of respect. From then on, a slap by Inoki is looked up in Japan as a high honor, and even a form of good luck. Even Lyoto Machida has felt the wrath of an Inoki slap more than once. Hopefully this video captured by TMZ of Rampage Jackson slapping a fan will catch on in the MMA lexicon.

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