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A disrespected feeling Falcao wants to make Andreas Spang suffer

A disrespected feeling Falcao wants to make Andreas Spang suffer

After being shoved during a face-off inside the cage following Andreas Spang’s win over Brian Rogers, Maiquel Falcao will face off against him tonight at Bellator 69. We know that Falcao is a knockout artist who uses punches as brushstrokes and his opponent’s consciousness as his canvas, but we haven’t seen this from him in the big leagues yet. His UFC debut against Gerald Harris consisted of an explosive first round followed by two rounds of Falcao playing with his opponent, the same as his fight with Norman Paraisy at Bellator 61. Maybe he just wasn’t motivated enough to go for the kill? If that’s the case he should have no problem finding the motivation to knock out Spang. Falcao told that he felt Spang had disrespected him, adding:

“I’m going in there to hurt him badly and to teach him how to behave. After this fight, he will never push anyone again. It’s time for someone to teach him some manners, and I will be the teacher. Andreas made this fight personal when he pushed me. That Bellator cage is my home, and nobody is going to push me in my home. Andreas better be ready to suffer.”

Spang not only shoved Falcao in the cage but also put his hands on Brian Rogers at their weigh in. The way Spang’s arms come out every time someone gets inside his comfort circle is like some sort of compulsion. I don’t know about you but I’ve not seen a propensity for shoving like that since elementary school. Back then, that’s how all fights started. Why don’t we see more street MMA starting with a shove? [source]

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