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A brief history of the beef between Rampage and Evans

Sometimes people accuse me of veering off topic in my articles. These people are clearly insane. The beef between Rampage and Evans is great, but have we all forgotten what happened between King Mo and Rampage Jackson nearly a year ago? Imagine King Mo, Bobby Lashley and Rampage Jackson inside of a van. Now imagine King Mo doesn’t have all six of his Sengoku chicks dancing in front of him and throwing roses which is probably the most depressing part. In the video, King Mo says that he’s one of the best in the game right now and perhaps even better than Rampage sporting a 4-0 record (at the time) in only 8 months of MMA (all of which with Sengoku). Rampage essentially says ‘Look man, you have 4 fights…relax. Everyone gets knocked out, but I will be rooting for you every fight’. Throughout all of this, Bobby Lashley sits back and plans what solar system he will invade and eventually takeover next (it’s like a weekly thing for this guy).

Check out this video summarizing the beef between Rampage and Evans in 122 easy to watch seconds.

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