8-bit Mark Hunt punches UFC heavyweights in the face, dog from Duck Hunt laughs at the situation

If Mark Hunt wasn’t already nicknamed the Super Samoan, Duck Hunt Mark Hunt would make for the best introduction that ever came out of the mouth of UFC announcer Bruce Buffer. In a universe were a tiny 8-bit Hunt trains to fight the Fabrico Werdum boss level at UFC 180, the most ideal training technique is to work out in the swampy marshes of Mexico. 
Immersed in the 1984 light gun shooter Duck Hunt, Hunt puts away his prized NES Zapper in favor of his ability to leave grown men unconscious with a single punch. Rumors are a 10 year old Mark Hunt unplugged his NES Zapper and shadow boxed his way to a Duck Hunt high score back in 84. Nobody in New Zealand ever beat Hunt’s score and the smug Duck Hunt dog didn’t laugh at all, but nearly nodded his head in respect at the young gamer.
The NES Zapper had every single advantage over the Super Scope but if Hunt knockouts Werdum at UFC 180, then fans need to see a 16-bit Hunt punching challengers inside a Super Scope game.
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