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13 minutes of unfiltered Joe Rogan will be the greatest thing you will see today

Thirteen minutes of unfiltered Joe Rogan outside of The Viper Room in Hollywood, California is the equivalent of finding an operational Xbox 360 on the face of Mars — on the face of Mars. We’re not sure if it will ever happen again, so Layzie the Savage pulled out his camera and tapped into Joe Rogan’s stream of consciousness this past Sunday after Eddie Bravo’s band ‘Compella and the Twister’ performed (which is probably the world’s first MMA themed punk/hip-hop group, if you know of another, let me know). There was also a performer on stage named ‘Zoe’ (not her real name) that seemed to be rather handy around stainless steel poles attached to ceilings. I’ll never forget you Zoe, neither will my cellphone camera. If you’re reading this, we can work it out in my little imaginary universe I just created for us. It’s cool, everyone here speaks ‘drunk promises’ since that’s the language you’re most fluent in. Just kidding, I love you.

Just kidding.

Joe Rogan was gracious enough to drop some knowledge on us like the dude just kicked over a rack of encyclopedias. UFC 119, Vitor Belfort, Brock Lesnar, UFC 120, the guy who tried to hug him in the middle of the street, everything happened in the course of thirteen minutes and we have it all on video for you to marvel over. Oh yes, there will be marveling. Enjoy.

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