Most Infamous Cases Of Street Fights Involving UFC Fighters 2018

Some UFC fighters can go wild in the second, and going into a street fight with them literally means ordering a suicide note. The destiny of someone who faces UFC superstar outside of octagon is usually related to broken teeth, blue face, and probably some rib damage. In harder cases, their opponents might end up with a broken leg or arm!

UFC fighters are trained for years to inflict pain and destroy their opponents in the most brutal ways. Their moves are automated, when the fight starts they are like robots, there is no need to think – they execute with tremendous precision, toughness, and skill.

In many cases, UFC fighters are interested in showing their skills inside the Octagon, trying to stay out of trouble for as long as possible. After all, they are knights and warriors, and hooliganism is everything but their trademark. Unfortunately, some of them are involved against their will, while others simply seek for attention.

This article describes all kinds of fights where legendary UFC fighters were taking part. There were even life-threatening weapon situations, outnumbered fights against bouncers, and legendary back alley brawls.

Bas Rutten

A former UFC Heavyweight champion, Bas Rutten, is known for the incident in Spy Bar in Sweden when he had a hard time with bouncers. Two bouncers pulled Rutten to the side and asked him to stay out of trouble and leave. Despite Bas agreed, looks like bouncers were fixing the fight.

One of the bouncers dived over his colleague poking Rutten into his eye, and he did the same thing to the legend’s second eye. Rutten knocked him out with a punch and got into a fight with five angry bouncers. Despite Bas disabled few of them, he was outnumbered and went for the exit.

When he reached fire escape, he couldn’t open the door and turned to face bouncers who were armed with broomsticks. Luckily, police appeared behind Rutten’s back forcing bouncers to give up.

Bas was arrested and jailed that night since one of the men he knocked out cold was a policeman. Luckily, he was released a few days later and charges were dropped.

Urijah Faber

In 2006, one of the best Bantamweight UFC fighters of all time, Urijah Faber, had to fight for his life during his vacation in Bali. One of the locals picked him up since he was dancing with local girls and asking to settle the differences outside.

Urijah won the fight breaking his opponent’s collarbone but a few seconds later another local armed with brass knuckles hit him in the back of his head. Faber was attacked by multiple opponents with weapons. One attacker that was thrown over the motorcycle fled back into the club and armed himself with a bottle.

The Californian Kid was repeatedly kicked and struck with a shoe hammer, but he succeeded to run back out of the club, elbowing one of his attackers in the face. Blood-soaked superstar jumped into a nearby taxi, where he had to fend off against the gang again before he was driven to the hospital.

Lee Murray

Lee Murray is currently serving the sentence for bank robbery and he is one of UFC fighters who simply couldn’t stay out of trouble. Lee even claims he has scars to prove it! The fight outside the Funky Buddha nightclub in London nearly cost him life – he was stabbed twice and his nipple was reattached in the hospital later!

But he did something insane – he returned to the same club one week later and was caught up in the fight outside.

Murray jumped to help his friend who was attacked by six-seven people. As the fight developed Lee noticed his head is bleeding and he taught he was punched… But when he looked down, he has seen blood spurting from a stab wound in his chest!

Murray ran off to the nearby car and begged two girls to take him to the hospital. Miraculously, Murray survived the open-heart surgery despite the doctor said he died three times at the operating table. He had severed artery and a punctured lung.

Roger Huerta

Huerta is one of UFC fighters who became known as a woman protector. He brutally beat a lot bigger guy who sucker punched a woman outside a bar in Austin, Texas in 2010.

Despite he was only 5 foot 9 inches tall and weighed only 155 lbs, Huerta went to confront 5 foot 11 inches tall and 230+ lbs heavy Rashad Bobino, who was a former Texas Longhorns linebacker and had briefly been with the Atlanta Falcons in 2009.

Huerta attacked him verbally for punching a girl, but Bobino threatened that he will “fucking knock his bitch ass out”. The two started a fight but Bobino ran off and Roger Huerta ended in a hot pursuit!

Huerta knocked him out cold and landed a brutal kick to the head while Bobino was lying unconscious. The video went viral, but Huerta remains modest, claiming that he just got the better of him and left.

Alistair / Valentijn Overeem

The group of Dutch bouncers really had a hard time against two brothers – Alistair Overeem and his brother Valentijn back in 2009. Alistair went to the restroom and he realized he didn’t have enough money to pay to the toilet attendant. After several bouncers interfered, two brothers are asked to leave.

Alistair went outside but his brother was struck with a flashlight in the face and The Demolition Man jumped in to help him. The fight resulted in five injured bouncers who were taken to a hospital.

Alistair checked into the hospital a few days later complaining of a strong pain in his hand. Doctors discovered infection due to the cut earned in the fight, and they claimed he came in the last moment or his hand would have been amputated! He is one of UFC fighters you definitively don’t want to mess with!

Mark Hunt

His fighting career would have never happened if some people hadn’t seen this guy has the heart of a lion. He demonstrated his skills outside of a nightclub in Auckland, New Zealand.

Outside the ‘Don’t Tell Mama’s’ club Mark Hunt noticed his friend was attacked and he ran over to help. Unfortunately, Hunt was beaten too. But despite police showed up, The Super Samoan wanted revenge to his foes. He punched one of them and knocked him out with a single right-hand. He did this to two more foes in a very short period of time!

It quickly turned to a huge brawl and police was heavily outnumbered! During the fight, one of the bouncers quickly ushered Hunt into the club and ordered him to enter the staff toilets to avoid being busted.

What a luck, the bouncer was a martial artist, Sam Marsters, and he was impressed by Mark’s brutal knockout power. He offered him to train in his gym, directed him into the right path, and Hunt is quickly turned into one of legendary UFC fighters! Even his trademark today is a one-punch knockout!

Lee Murray / Tito Ortiz / Chuck Liddell

All three fighters were known for problematic behavior. But this was definitively the most known UFC street fight story, and it happened after UFC 38 in London, England, in July 2002. It involved Lee Murray, Tito Ortiz, and Chuck Liddell – UFC fighters were fighting each other!

Around 4 a.m., all fighters went out of the club into a back alley. One of Tito’s friends jumped on Pat Miletich’s back pretending to choke him. He was joking but other men taught it was serious, and Tony Fryklund removed this guy and dragged him with a choke in the style of Dan Miragliotta, while one of Murray’s friends knocked him out.

It quickly turned into a dangerous back alley brawl. Pat Miletich knocked out everybody that came after Chuck Liddell, a former UFC Light Heavyweight champion, whose back were against the wall to prevent the attack from behind.

Tito Ortiz and Lee Murray started to fight each other. Tito was a Light Heavyweight champion at that time but he missed with a punch. Lee returned with a five-hit combo which knocked Ortiz out, and Murray even kicked him in the head twice while he was on the floor.

Jon Koppenhaver

The popular UFC and Bellator fighter had a showdown outside the octagon long before he became infamous by kidnapping, sexual assault, and battery of his ex-girlfriend and porn legend Christy Mack.

Known as the War Machine, Koppenhaver has been in numerous street fights before and even spent two years in prison for street incidents. His wildest showdown happened when he was invited to the birthday party of Brooke Haven in Los Angeles in 2009 after he shot a scene with her previous day.

Alannah Rae, another pornstar, was his girlfriend at the time. Koppenhaver came with Alanhah but he went into kill mode after he saw her talking to another man. First, he slapped Alannah, then knocked out porn star Alec Knight, hurt his manager Ben English, knocked three teeth out to an unknown person, and someone else even ended up with a broken nose!

After fleeing the scene, Jon Koppenhaver was arrested later but he managed somehow to slip away from a prison sentence at that time. Five years later, he was arrested for brutal attack on Christy Mack. On June 5, 2017, War Machine was sentenced to an aggregate sentence of life in prison with a possibility of parole after 36 years has been served.

Chris Weidman

A former UFC Middleweight champion, Chris Weidman, has a history of street fights from his younger days. The most dangerous was the one when he saw his friend, a 125-pound wrestler, was attacked by three bigger guys.

Weidman went on to help his friend and he even warned the troublemaker to stay away from his friend on multiple occasions, then knocked him out with a single punch. Another man tried to choke him out from behind but Weidman did a world-class ippon seoi nage and slammed him off the ground.

According to Chris Weidman, the attacker was keeping his head up at the moment of fall, which resulted in scraping his face across the concrete. A trail of skin was left and he started screaming in pain. His wrestling friend double-legged the third thug and executed brutal ground and pound punishment.

The two left the scene but cops picked him up along the way, claiming that one of the thugs is the son of a policeman. Despite he feared for the worst, Weidman didn’t get into a serious trouble.

Dan Henderson / Randy Couture

Two legendary wrestling UFC fighters and champions were involved in the bar fight with five bouncers in 1995 in Buckhead, Atlanta.

Randy Couture pushed Dan Henderson into a nearby vehicle as the two were exiting a bar. Despite it was a joke, the doormen intervened and one of them picked up a baseball bat to escalate the situation. However, Hendo didn’t show fear, telling the same bouncer that he can stick that bat into his ass. After a tense stand-off, Randy Couture chased the baseball bat bouncer inside the club. 

Hendo stayed outside and destroyed few bouncers with punches. Two of Hendo’s friends also beat two doormen. Randy Couture taught baseball bat guy a lesson, repeatedly throwing him across the bar.

Randy Couture did something insane when he came to the same bar the next day for an interview with USA wrestling officials since he was becoming the head coach for the U.S. Greco team. A policeman asked Couture to leave the place during the interview because the bar manager recognized him as a man who demolished the place night before. No charges were filed.

Conor McGregor

His hooligan bus attack wasn’t much of a street fight but the damage and injuries he made will always be a story to remember.

The former UFC two-division champion and one of the most popular UFC fighters switched to Mr. Hyde mode at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn on April 5, 2018. His intention was settling the score with Khabib Nurmagomedov, who had a hotel altercation before UFC 223 event with his teammate Artem Lobov.

Conor McGregor attacked the bus with UFC 223 competitors in the style of professional hooligan, throwing solid objects through the window of the bus and hurting Ray Borg and Michael Chiesa along the way. The two weren’t able to fight at the event, and Artem Lobov was also removed from the card due to his involvement into this street attack.

Brooklyn police arrested McGregor both on felony and misdemeanor charges. He was released on bail and his hearing was scheduled for June 14th. However, his legal team has some other options in mind.

Despite this was one of the most chaotic scenes in the history of MMA and Dana White didn’t support it, benefits UFC got from altercation and attention is measured by millions of dollars. So at least it has a bright side when it comes to money!

Nate Diaz

During the last year, Nate Diaz is known for everything but fighting inside the octagon. Trash-talk, provocations, and even physical showdowns.

Nate had an altercation with his longtime rival, Clay Guida, on May 12, 2018, at a Combate Americas MMA event in Sacramento, California. Diaz attacked Guida from behind and split his lip. Nate even slapped Guida’s teammate Tyler Diamond.

Nate Diaz was under police investigation for alleged assault. His brother Nick Diaz was arrested on domestic battery assault recently. It looks like out of the octagon incidents are putting the dark side of the brothers to the fore. Despite they are probably at the top of most talented fighters, they are wasting it on unnecessary violent tendencies.

Nate didn’t fight since 2016, while Nick was suspended for marijuana abuse multiple times and didn’t see the inside of Octagon since 2015. If these UFC fighters just behave in the proper way they would be the real legends. But their return is currently questionable. Unfortunately, brothers are turning down fights which could bring millions of dollars and rather choose to show their skills in public.


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