You won’t believe what Capcom’s next Mega Man game will be…

Hey, do you guys remember the time Keiji Inafune the creator of Mega Man left Capcom? Do you also remember when he had a Kickstarter of a side scrolling game much like Mega Man? Do you happen to remember that he raised $3,845,170, which is $2,945,170 more than their $900,000 goal? Yea that was super cool, because everyone loves Mega Man’s super tight controls combine with challenging and fun gameplay. Mix that with each level so perfectly designed ramping up the difficulty in a fair and challenging way.

Well it looks like Capcom has learned from its ways. Improving on last year’s debacle of Mega Man’s 25th birthday, with no Mega Man games planned for release, Capcom bought the rights to a fan made game Street Fighter X Mega Man. Capcom has started their own Kickstarter to make a brand new Mega Man game. It appears as if Capcom has finally heard the fans and listened to what they want, and what they want is a new Mega Man game. Wait… what’s that…? They started a Kickstarter for a board game? No no no, wait, hold up. You’re telling me, they are making a Mega Man board game and not a new game?

So…yea… no new Mega Man game. It’s just a board game, all I want from Capcom is Mega Man X9 and maybe a new Power Stones game. That’s it! Please Capcom. PLEASE. Check out the official Kickstarter page and their video pitch below.

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