You can rob store-owners with snowballs in GTA V

I work in retail, as I’m sure most of the people reading this have as well. It’s a very thankless job and the only time people notice you is when you make a mistake. It’s not a desirable job, but at the end of the day, it is a job. One of the things you’ll notice in retail is that people steal, people steal a lot. I often have an optimistic outlook when it comes to people who steal. I like to believe that if they are stealing, they must have a damn good reason to, so who am I to stop them from stealing?

On the topic of stealing, people always tell me that if someone came in with a weapon, what they’d do. How they’d take the gun away from him, pistol whip them, then choke him out. Now since I don’t enjoy talking to coworkers, I just say “oh yea, nice.” “that’d be cool.” “exactly” in the hopes that the conversation will end. I don’t care what kind of weapon someone came into my store with, I’d give them whatever they wanted and would help them put it in their car. I don’t care if it was a gun, a sword or even a snowball.


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