You can own a piece of gaming history, the landfill E.T.cartridges are for sale

It’s such a strange time that we live in, where video games that are released along side a movie are basically a thing of the past. I guess everything that needs to be known about video games based on movies it that the best video game based on a movie is arguably The Chronicles of Ridd**k: Escape from Butcher Bay. While not an adaptation of the movie, it was released along side with The Chronicles of Ridd**k and it was a prequel to that.

Can we just take a step back and talk about how absurd that is? Of all the movie games that have been made, one of, if not the most critically acclaimed is he Chronicles of Ridd**k: Escape from Butcher Bay. At the time I remember that it had little to no fanfare before its release, it was written off and rightfully so. Then when it got released, everyone loved it, with each review I read and watched on it, each one had such a tone of pure shock. To this day I’m still in shock that I had such fun with that game. I don’t think there has been a game that I have been more surprised with and to be honest, I doubt anything will top it.

On the other end of the movie game spectrum we have the most infamous movie video game failure of all time. Which we all know and hold a special place in our hearts for and that game is E.T. As a part of a documentary that’s going to be released on Xbox Live, Microsoft went to the landfill in New Mexico that the games were rumored to be buried at, and surprisingly, the urban legends were true, they were buried there. Well, now you can own a piece of history as they are being sold on EBay. Not the worst way to spend $60 I guess.

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