Why you need to buy Earthbound on the Wii-U today

Earthbound is a very strange RPG that came out on the SNES almost 20 years ago. In many ways it was ahead of it’s time. The gameplay was magnificent, the music was layered with samples from and tributes to classic artists like The Beatles, and the game parodies the RPG and sci-fi genres with all sorts of humorous references and cliches.

It can be pretty difficult to explain Earthbound to someone who hasn’t played it, because it’s just all over the place. You start off fighting gang members and wild animals, but it’s not too long before you’re fighting zombies, aliens, a kraken, even some giant dinosaurs; and those are some of the more conventional enemies in the game. Things start to get really weird later on. Just look at the Mr. Saturns. You can’t make sense of what those guys are using any words in the English language.

If you have a Wii-U you don’t need to rely on this article to find out how weird and amazing this game gets because Earthbound is now available for $10 and it is well worth the price. Pick it up on the E-shop now! 

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