Who needs Madden when you have ‘Frozen Endzone?’

Sports game have been around since the days of the Atari 2200. It’s a very simple sell — the majority of the population already knows the rules to football, baseball, basketball, hockey. You already have a fanbase in said sport, where as if you make ‘generic space game x,’ it’s likely to get passed over, at least before the modern era of gaming started. There have been parodies of sports game, two of the best being the Mutant League and the Backyard series. Bones Jackson has never met a defender he can’t run over and Pablo Sanchez has never played in a sport where he isn’t capable of dominating.

Mutant League Football in particular was such a fascinating game. It was put out by EA and had a very similar gameplay to a little series you may have heard of in Madden NFL. Combining both my love of football and my love of monsters, as a child, this was like eating peanut butter cups and cake for dinner. Sadly, with Mutant League Football’s kickstarter falling well short of their goal, it looks like we may never see a new Mutant League game.

I’m here to inform you, that while Mutant League Football won’t be made, there is a game that might just quench your thirst for odd parity sports games. Frozen Endzone is “A brutal simultaneous-turn-based tactical futuresport played by robots.” Sign me up.

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