Well, Someone Has Mixed Minecraft with DayZ

As an avid Minecraft player (although, I will admit, I’ve taken some time away from it) I gotta say that there aren’t many games that are as fun of an experience as Minecraft. You just get plopped into a world and are forced to survive, which isn’t a huge problem by day as everything is rather peaceful, but when night falls there are Zombies, Spiders, Creepers and Endermen that are looking to make your life a living hell.

You can build some magnificent structures along the way and it always feels like you’ve done something great when you build a house that is not only there to keep you safe, but that looks cool as well. So now comes the part where I talk about DayZ, an ArmA II mod that swept the PC gamer world last summer by providing an immersive zombie survival experience that kind of played out more like an experiment in sociology than anything else.

These two things were bound to go together, right? Right? I mean, I guess so, as somebody has gone ahead and done just that. It is called Seven Days to Die (7D2D) and is currently on Kickstarter where they want you to fork over some cash in exchange for access to the game when it is ready. If it is worth it, well, that is up to you, you Moonchild.


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