Well damn, there’s a new Destiny trailer out

The past few days have just been overwhelming for gaming. Grand Theft Auto Online launched and outside of the bugs and crappy network it has been a pretty amazing experience thus far that shows a ton of potential. Then the Battlefield 4 beta came out to those who were BF Premium members or have pre-ordered Battlefield 4 and that is really a whole different beast that needs its own time and love put into it, but due to GTA Online has been a bit neglected.

So within these past few crazy days Bungie has release a new trailer for the upcoming dystopian first person MMO, Destiny. While there is a lot of cool stuff going on right now, Destiny is the future of cool. This new trailer that was released focuses on the Moon this time, setting up some of the lore for it before showing some gameplay that you are likely to experience on the Moon. Apparently there were some aliens hiding out in the Moon and now the Moon needs to be reclaimed?

Whatever, I’m all for killing aliens on the Moon.

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