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We’re streaming EA UFC on MLG right now with epic battles between @GaryLaplante and @JasonNawara, come watch!

I’ve always had a strange relationship with MMA games. UFC 09, I played it as if it was my job, which resulted in me being ranked in the top 25 and winning various tournaments for a varying amount of money. I didn’t truly get back into a MMA games again until EA MMA. If you remember back in the days of EA MMA, MiddleEasy would do a thing called Sunday Night Fights, which we’d play with the MiddleEasy readers every Sunday night. Oddly enough, that’s probably why I currently write for MiddleEasy.

To be completely fair, the reason I played so much EA MMA is because Jason Nawara and myself always fought under kickboxing rules. Our biggest rivalry was at lightweight where we had hundreds of fights, with only one match up, Bruce Lee vs. Masato. We crafted this strange narrative around it, all the fans who paid to see it were masochists, how could these fans repeatedly watch these two men fight? Not masochists out of repetition, masochists because they were witnessing these two legends, fight hundreds of time, with no regard for their health. How could they support this?

With EA UFC a similar thing has occurred. In a parallel universe, Dana White has started putting on kickboxing and boxing matches in the octagon. It was a way to get the crowd hot for Dana White, who now wanted to put on 12 hour shows truly mixed with martial arts. 

Today, we’ll show you these matches, with our CAFs manifested just to box and kickbox. We may throw some MMA in there.

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